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Seattle WA

Having had Goldens and Labs my entire life, I've been so pleased with our sweet Lady Harper's personality, conformation, physical soundness, natural retrieving ability and happy, outgoing temperament. It's so obvious she was showered with love, respect, personal attention and plenty of FUN before joining our family. Linda is a gem of a breeder, and I'm so happy to have connected with her almost a year before we took Harper home. Watching Harper with our other dog(s) and children, it's so obvious, she was well cared for, adjusted and shown how life should be. My husband has actually said, "think we can get another?"


Linda's beautiful home and grounds in Vermont make for the perfect environment for a puppy to start her life and I can't think of a better place to have a puppy be introduced to the world. Again, thank you Linda.

Eileen & Tom

Williamstown MA

Reggie has truly been such an amazing addition to our lives. His demeanor and personality are so friendly, happy, and kind. We joke that he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. We had such a great experience with Moonbeam Meadows, and the process of bringing Reggie home. He was basically already potty trained. He is such a social and active dog—he loves being outside meeting new people and other dogs. We're enjoying our now one year old Reggie so much that we're discussing getting him a friend—of course from Moonbeam Meadows!

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Kelly & Abby

Williamstown, MA

Having known John and Linda for years while creating their web site, it was a foregone conclusion that we would eventually get a Reece puppy. Two years ago after our corgi passed away, Linda had a female left over from a litter that we took home and fell in love with instantly. Fern was a chill puppy and still is at the age of 2. She loves people and going to the barn every day to see her friends and play. Fern was and is very easy to train and very smart. Her best friend Beatrice (the cat) are inseparable at home and her half brother Reggie (upper left photo) likes to have play dates as well. All the puppies and dogs at Linda's are part of the family. They are socialized from day one and it shows. I can honestly say that everybody loves Fern.


Davidsonville, MD

It was the only time I ever stopped someone on the street and asked for their breeder!  A very long story short, that is how I found Linda Reece and my terrific pup, Adi (Adirondack!)  A beautiful “white” Goldie pup who was amazingly well behaved and calm as a puppy, how could I not ask?  And after 5 years I was able to track down Linda and her terrific English Cream Golden family I was then to become a part of.  Our Adi brings such joy.  I’d like to take more credit for her amazing demeanor, calm, spunk, agility and beauty, but. . . .it’s all Linda and her incredible talent of creating the most wonderful pets.”

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Hoosick, NY

We began our search for the perfect dog for our family in January of 2013. A good friend of the family had recommended Linda as a breeder as both she and her daughter had adopted dogs in the past. I called Linda immediately so that we could discuss our questions about the breed and the particulars of when the next litter of puppies could be expected. Linda was wonderful to communicate with and very responsive in communication. Our family was never as excited as the day we got the call that the puppies had been born. We could not wait to have the opportunity to meet the dogs and begin the process of choosing the best puppy for our family. We liked the fact that Linda allowed us to choose our puppy with assistance on what she felt the various dogs’ personality traits were. Our family lives locally therefore we had the pleasure of visiting the dogs often and Linda was very accommodating to our schedule.

Sam was all we had hoped for and more! He is gentle with our children, easy to house train, took to puppy training classes like a champ and is the most loving dog we could ever imagine.

Our experience has been wonderful and we would not hesitate to adopt a puppy from Linda in the future.

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Barbara & Steven


Linda Reece is an "artisanal" breeder—each puppy is in essence "made by hand". Crafting one litter a year, Linda's pups are born at home, loved, nurtured and temperamentally understood before adoption.

Our Sofie, now 5 years old, exhibits a perfect combination of traits—sweet, gentle, and affectionate to young and old, while being a self confident and assertive individual in her own right. She thrives in her dual life in a city apartment and country farm—romping with friends in Central Park, and hunting woodchucks in rural fields.

We have known Linda professionally for over 20 years, first as an expert technician and animal health provider with our veterinarian and now as privileged owners of her pup, Sofie, who has brought great joy to our family.

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Chris & Neil

Hoosick Falls, NY

Meet Maddie and Whitaker! There are not enough superlatives to describe these lovely dogs. They are the best and most...everything. Loyal, intelligent, obedient, gentle, beautiful, they excel in every way. Our dog, Maddie, learned to come, sit, retrieve, and give up what she held in her mouth on her first day in our home at the age of 8 weeks. She passed the certification exam for Therapy Dog International at one year of age and accompanies me to school to work with special needs students as well as listen to children read.

Whitaker lives with our daughter and the dogs have such a wonderful time whenever our family is together.

We have known Linda for years and have great respect for the job she does breeding her dogs. She has a true appreciation for maintaining the breed standard and has continued to be a great help to us. We have recommended her to many friends and acquaintances and are confident that no one would be disappointed to have one, or two, of these special puppies!

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Scarlett & Yost

Dorset, VT

Linda asked me to write a little something about our dog.

Well, to not write a whole novel about her is hard. Let me sum it up in one easy to understand statement: She is an awesome dog! (Sometimes I doubt that she is actually a dog, maybe she is a human in disguise?)


But here is the story:
In 2013 we were looking for a dog that could be trained to be a service dog to our very special son. He is an active, smart, 9 year old and he has Down Syndrome. We were looking for a calm, smart, resilient, soft furred dog with a social, friendly disposition.

We found Linda through friends and saw the puppies when they were only a few weeks old. We knew we wanted a female and over several visits we picked our dog, her name is Malaika. Malaika is Swahili and means "angel" and that she really is. She was housebroken in only a few days, she got along beautifully with our 3 cats and Jack Russell.

She has been a joy to all our family and we could not have picked a more perfect dog. Together with a local dog trainer, who mainly trains diabetes alert dogs, we started training Malaika from an early age. She is very attentive, very smart and responds to the positive reinforcement training (clicker training) very well.

She is now one year old and walks on the leash without pulling, she handles new situations with calmness and care. She knows that putting on her service dog vest means that she is "on the job" and she is immediately completely focused and attentive. She is developing great self-discipline and "thinking" qualities. Her dog trainer is extremely pleased with her and we all are impressed with the big progress she has made.

An important trait that you want in a service dog, is that he/she has what we call an "off switch". When there is action she loves it, but if you have to patiently wait or just hang out calmly, she has to be able do so as well. Even on days where she does not have her morning run, she will still be willing to just go with the flow and relax. That in itself is amazing in a young dog and so important when you want her to work in and under any circumstances.

Malaika is a strikingly beautiful, athletic, smart dog that could not be a more perfect fit as a service dog.

Thank you Linda for adding this angel to this world!!

Scarlett and Yost, Dorset VT

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